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Begin with the end in mind. You want to get clear on the results you want to create. What does a win look like for your listener?

Education and inspiration can work together. Inspire one person…

Share a 2-minute video expressing: Who spoke on your behalf? What did they say? What do you want to be remembered for but have not done yet?

Confrontation: I am right/ you are wrong. After confrontation, you stop trusting them to treat you with honor and dignity. Care-frontation is the intention of completing the conversation with the relationship still intact; honour the other person first, and then make a genuine request.

How To Have a Care-frontation:

1. Honor and acknowledge the other person using these sentence stamps: “What I appreciate about you is…” “What I respect most about you is…” “What I admire about you is…” “What I love about you is…”

2. Make a genuine request: “I need your support in…” “What would work better for me is…” “Can we make a new agreement to…”

Conviction, passion, and transparency are contagious. You infect others by first setting the level of connection by allowing yourself to be seen and heard.

Be willing to be authentic and transparent. Choose words that engage in a dialogue with others. Use the terms „we“ and „us“.

Here are those sentences and questions again to help you engage in dialogue with your audience: How many of you have experienced… Raise your hand if you’ve ever… (remember to be transparent first) Does that concept make sense to you? Has there ever been a time in your life that… How many people here know exactly what I mean? 

Creating safe space: hand up if they can agree to no judgement. What’s said here, stays here. Unconditional love means love me through my ugly. Love me back to our connection. Willingness to be authentic and transparent. Words that engage dialogue with others.

Active experience, also ensure active listening.

So, I often had times when I’ve doubted myself. People around me didn’t doubt myself, but I did. How many of you have ever gone through a time where you doubted yourself? (ruka nahoru)

To build a relationship, share your lowest points. In order to communicate more powerfully, you need to listen more effectively. First, seek what your listener needs before you focus on your own needs. In any conversation, your connection is more impactful when you move from “me, me, me” to a “me, we, you” conversation.

3 Techniques to Show Your Story:

  1. Paint a picture in your listener’s head. Time of year. Origin. Climate… 10 sec. in a movie…
  2. Show what you were thinking in that moment. (řečnický otázky)
  3. Show what you were feeling at that moment. I felt like… Showing requires you to give more texture.

Fear is just an emotion that informs you to gather more knowledge on a particular subject. Fear is a made-up story you get to re-create. Fear is a made up story about something that has not happened yet. Fear is informing you as any other emotion. Failing is ok, permission to fail – permission to fly.

Techniques for more engaging speech: Slow down your pace. Speak with more assertiveness. Make a rhythm that creates a highlight. You don’t need to raise your voice. Lover your voice and speak in almost a faint whisper. Intensify your speech with spikes in your voice, but it is only effective for a short period. After, hug your audience with words. Whenever you point, follow with almost a whisper, because it feels like, okay, you pointed at me and you pushed me and then you hugged me. Pregnant pause – natural breathing space between statements. It provides a moment for your listener to actually take in fully what you just said.

The difference between a respected speaker and a speaker who has a relationship with their audience is transparency and vulnerability.


Start with the BIG you by celebrating yourself and your impressive accomplishments. Go into your Valley, which is an all time low point in your life. Share the lessons learned from your Valley and why you are so passionate about doing what you do.

There is so many ways I want to show you how much I honor, appreciate and value you and there is so many times I’m confused at exactly how to do that.

Every day before you meet the world, you should first meet you:

  1. State your name, I am proud that you… (state 7 points of pride) (jsem na Tebe pyšná)
  2. State your name, I forgive you for… (state 7 points for forgiveness) (odpouštím Ti)
  3. State your name, I commit to you that… (state 7 commitments) (slibuju Ti)

I’m your sister friend in prosperity and in possibility.

Maminka. Přítelkyně. Lékařka. Ráda kreslím, píšu a směju se. Nejvíc sama sobě.

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